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Civil Air Patrol

Integrity First

We live at a time when the personal commitment to honesty has fallen on hard times. The first decade of http://stpatricksdayparade.org/liquid-cialis the 21st Century has witnessed numerous examples of highly visible, influential business leaders and cialis sales online politicians disgraced by the cialis on line fruits of their dishonesty. Typically, the results are a disgrace, losses financially and in relationships and frequently criminal consequences.

Too often the testimony of those disgraced is that dishonesty first started with small, seemingly inconsequential shortcomings. So called "little white lies," lying to get out of a jam or smooth over a problem, etc. can create a pattern of behavior that excuses and then justifies dishonesty when convenient or beneficial.

The well known TV rogue, J. R. Ewing of Dallas fame, (if you remember the Dallas story) once said, "Once you get past the ethics, the rest is easy." Of course, "the rest" that he's speaking about is outright dishonest practices.

The Civil Air Patrol Valkyrie Cadet Squadron is committed to the core value of soldeosa.com "integrity first" in all of its dealings with cadets, senior members and others that come in contact with the Squadron. If you learn to do the right thing when the stakes are small, you will be prepared to buy viagra online from canadacheap viagra tablets'>buy viagra online from canadacheap viagra tablets do the right then when the stakes are big.


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