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Valkyrie ES Training

Category: Valkyrie News
Published Date Written by Jose Sanchez

LOWRY, CO - On Saturday, July 18, 2015 Cadets and viagra gel Senior Members of the Valkyrie Cadet Squadron engaged in Ground Team Member 3 (GTM3) and Urban Direction Finding (UDF) Familiarization and Preparatory Training. The training was conducted in classroom at the Wings Over the Rockies Museum and on the field at Jackie Robison Fields Park.

Captain Cody Draeger, Colorado Wing Assistant Emergency Service Training Officer, supervised and evaluated the training and participants’ performance in order to approve the designbridge.org GTM3 and UDF tasks required to complete the Familiarization and Preparatory training. This training included:

 Activation of a Ground Team

 Equipment Preparation and Refit

 Prevention and Treatment of Cold and discount viagra online Hot Weather Injuries

 Assessment and Protection against Natural Hazard and


 Field Hygiene

 Land Survival


The members were also trained by Captain Chris Melton, Valkyrie Cadet Squadron Communications, in Radio Communications methods and techniques necessary for the Introductory Communications User Training Certification. Additionally the group performed a short field Search and Rescue Exercise, where they searched for a practice beacon and assessed Universal Precautions needed to i recommend viagra online sales treat a possible victim.

Those members who complete these requirements become Ground Team Member 3 and Urban Direction Finding trainees, with the opportunity to participate in Search and Rescue Exercises (SAREX) sponsored by the Civil Air Patrol and the United States Air Force. During these exercises the cialis online india'>cialis online india trainees and get pharmacy'>get pharmacy evaluators perform and evaluate tasks in order to demonstrate their proficiency to perform real-life Search and Rescue.

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